Ethereal Proprietor

Your innovative ability to visit Villa Twaklinilkawt, in the Adelaidezone digital arts quarter of Adelaide in Australia, is graciously and philanthropically enabled by the ethereal proprietor to assist your ongoing enlightenment.

As Her Illustrious Highness, Twaklin I, Ethereal Grand Duchess of Nilkawt, the ethereal proprietor of Villa Twaklinilkawt continues to direct her magnanimously and equanimously enlightened philanthropy towards inadequately informed mortals everywhere.

As an ethereal dual and jewel citizen of Australia and Nilkawt herself, Her Illustrious Highness delights in sampling all sorts of delicious forms of democracy whenever and wherever they are to be found.   Your attendance here in Villa Twaklinilkawt today, is likely to be somewhat easier than your ability to visit Nilkawt, unless you happen to be a Nilkawtian citizen. 

As the Head of State of Nilkawt, the ethereal proprietor of Villa Twaklinilkawt officially and quite obviously resides, for much of the year, in the magnificent Palazzo Twaklinilkawt in Twaklinton, the capital city of the Ethereal Grand Duchy of Nilkawt.  Once merely an ordinary genius loci resident of Adelaide, the ethereal proprietor of Villa Twaklinilkawt believes it unfortunate that exceptional Adelaide is still in Australia.  Even so, there has been some speculation that a significant proportion of the Adelaidean population also holds Nilkawtian citizenship.

Now, have you been introduced to Reality?

Have you informed yourself sufficiently about the Twaklinesque?

Are you aware of the scientific basis of the Twaklinological?

And how soon will you complete your journey towards Twaklinhood?