Apart from the tours, there are many other events associated with Villa Twaklinilkawt.

When preparing for big events, such as the annual World Enlightenment Forum, a considerable amount of work is required.

There is the hospitality to arrange.

There are the volunteers to train and manage and lead.

There is the security to consider.

Unless public notification is supplied, most events require privileged access through special permits.

Events associated with education, training and enlightenment are numerous here.  They include coaching and workshops and tutorials.  There are also many enlightening meetings.

There are many special occasions associated with Villa Twaklinilkawt, too.  Only registered patrons are usually invited along.

When the public is encouraged to participate in a festival here or to attend an exhibition, entry is likely to be free though donations may be possible.  No-one is pressured to pay for their interactions in the events here though they may be locked out on future occasions after failing to provide adequate reciprocal respect.

Apart from mutual respect, relaxation is one of the most important events here.  It can be experienced in the guest wing.  It can be experienced in the gardens of the imagination.  It can be experienced in the really green green room before a performance in the little theatre.

Do you ever consider relaxation to be an important event?