Knowledge and ideas are frequently freely shared through Villa Twaklinilkawt.

You are welcome to use that knowledge and those ideas to improve the world through any enlightened and enlightening approach.

Wherever you may be in the world, there is a Twaklinological licensing process diplomatically, scientifically, philanthropically and legislatively in place.  Your use of the copyrighted material philanthropically displayed within Villa Twaklinilkawt and its associated media outlets is subject to those requirements.

No-one is permitted to use the copyrighted material, including this page, for any purpose, without first obtaining the appropriate license.

To prevent breaches of the licensing arrangements, fair use provisions apply in relation to any form of distribution associated with the copyrighted material.  No unauthorised adaptions, anthologies or summaries may be produced or distributed under any circumstances.

All analysis and commentary must be fair.

Licensing is not necessary if you are using the displayed material solely for immediate autodidactic purposes.

You will require a licence if you intend to save a digital copy of the material, or any part of the copyrighted material, for any purpose at all.  There are no exceptions.

All material associated with Villa Twaklinilkawt is subject to editorial changes, without notice.  You will be required to delete digital copies as soon as newer versions of the displayed material are published.  This is mainly due to the fact that knowledge and ideas are constantly being improved and updated.

Additionally, and even more importantly, the creativity of the Twaklinesque is constantly adapted, modified and possibly even improved.  You are always welcome to donate towards those possible improvements.

Printed copies are only permitted with further licensing.

You may intend to obtain a permit to use the displayed material for research purposes, teaching purposes, library purposes, journalistic purposes, commercial purposes, government purposes, religious purposes and/or artistic purposes.  Licensing is certainly available through Villa Twaklinilkawt for all sorts of peaceful, non-personal purposes.

Please note, however, that permits are only available after the prospective applicant has completed significant quaternary training on how a particular permit should be used.  Fees are charged either directly or indirectly for the training.

The enlightened licensing of intellectual property is not about making money at the expense of users of that property.  It is about the courtesy of users towards the origins of knowledge, skills, ideas and imagination.  That courtesy acknowledges the time, ability and effort required not only to acquire knowledge and ideas but also the accumulated skill with which to communicate them imaginatively.

After you have completed this virtual tour, please contact the official Villa Twaklinilkawt communications team for further information about licensing arrangements.