Towards Twaklinhood

As you develop more awareness of the Twaklinesque and the Twaklinological, you will discover many things about yourself and your place in the universe.  Your mission is urgent.  The world is experiencing an emergency and many consequential catastrophes.

Unless you intervene sufficiently to make the world a much better place than it would be without you, humanity, and many other species, are likely to be doomed.  This is not fictional.  Please do not expect to be considered exceptional.  You are a mere mortal.  Yet you do have the capacity to be an enlightened leader. 

As all enlightened leaders in the world are currently experiencing various stages of Twaklinhood, your own journey in that regard will mainly exist in your mind, in whichever state you reside in Australia or the wider world.

Understanding Twaklinhood

1. Through the Twaklinesque

2. Through the Twaklinological

3. Through sponsorship

4. Through premium services

5. By providing support

6. By making donations

7. By becoming a patron

8. By contributing to the endowment fund

9. By enhancing the memorial fund

10. By exploring job opportunities

Further information to assist you on the journey ahead

Whenever you have the privilege of doing so, please explore your mind and possibilities on the dignified digital tours of Villa Twaklinilkawt.

Whenever the possibility arises, after perusing the prerequisite, exquisite Twaklinesque and Twaklinological readings, do remember to complete the quaternary tutorials.

Whenever you are struggling to understand the complexities of situations, send your infrequently asked questions to the official Villa Twaklinilkawt communications team, along with the necessary recompense.

Whenever you have frequently asked questions, please ensure you are not lazy.  Enlightened leaders are always attentive readers.

What is within your own enlightened library?