To Villa Twaklinilkawt

It is always a great delight to greet enlightened beings.  I shall only detain you briefly, dear visitor. 

My name is Reality.  I work here.  It is my job to find out whether you are a worthy recipient of additional enlightenment.

My primary duty is to make the world a much better place than it would be without me.  In fact, making the world a better place is the primary duty of anyone associated with Villa Twaklinilkawt.

Whatever you are seeking at present, especially if you are seeking further enlightenment, I am here to help.  Everyone here is here to help you.  We hope you are here to help us, too.

One of the guardians of the gardens of welcome will shortly be with you to introduce you to your allocated tour guide.  If you have any further questions after the tour, please contact me or another member of the official Villa Twaklinilkawt communications team.

Now, here is Miss Tree to welcome you further.